Xender App - How to Connect Xender To PC ( Xender Phone to PC File Transfer )

Xender App – How to Connect Xender To PC ( Xender Phone to PC File Transfer )

Hi everybody, An sure most of us already have Xender – the Fastest File transfer App on our devices. Gone are the days when you struggle to transfer large files between two devices and still end up frustrated. Also past are times when you can’t transfer Apps installed on a device to another. At the advent of Xender App file transfer just got a lot juicy.


On this post you will be guided on how to use xender app to transfer files of any format between your mobile device an your PC. This is the cheapest way to back up files between your PC and devices without Internet connection or Cloud Storage platforms.


How to Transfer Files Between Mobile Devices and PC using Xender App

First of all, before we launch in to the procedure. Below are things you need to get this done.

  • One, your PC must be WiFi enabled. This means your computer system must be able to access wireless networks.
  • Second is that, You must have a smart phone that can run Xender App of any version.
  • Finally, you must have xender installed to your device.

Should in case you don’t have Xender installed on your mobile device you can click here to get one.


Now that you have all that is required, Now to connect your PC to mobile devices using xender;

  1. Launch Xender app from your device menu
  2. Tap on login just at the top left conner of your device. then click more to reveal other options.
  3. Locate and tap on Connect to PC 
  4. Click on CREATE HOTSPOT (xender automatically creates an hotspot network, and generate an IP address other device can connect with.
  5. Now, go to your PC settings, on switch on your wi-fi network
  6. Then connect your PC to the just created Wi-FI network
  7. open any browser on your PC and
  8. Enter the web IP Address generated on xender
  9. Press enter on PC keyboard

That is all, your PC is now connected with your mobile device. You can now start sharing files between them.

I believe you have just learnt how to transfer files between your PC and mobile devices using xender app. if you have any more question you can use the comment below.

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